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Review of: Indoaryan Origins and other Vedic Issues - written by N. Kazanas.
Reviewer: David Stollar, BA Atc, London.
Ιn this book are collected ten essays of N. Kazanas, all dealing with different aspects of Indology and particularly the ancient Vedic Tradition...
It is a book that every serious indologist, whether sanskritist, comparativist, archaeologist or historian, ought to consult.
(Download the PDF file - 68kB)
Review of: The Shape of Ancient Thought
Reviewer: N. Kazanas
A Review of Mc Evilley Th's The Shape of Ancient Thought, New York, Allworth Press,
2002. This book of 700 close-printed pages is remarkable for its range of erudition covering the ancient religiophilosophical thought and some aspects of the art of the diverse cultures from Greece through the Near East to Persia and India. It is the fruit of some 30 years of research. But it is also remarkable for many misrepresentations, some egregious errors of fact and, consequently, injudicious conclusions.
(Download the PDF file - 29kB)
Review of: Veda as Word
Reviewer: N. Kazanas
A Review of Veda as Word ed by Prof (Mrs) Shashiprabha Kumar, 2006, D. K. Printworld(P) Ltd. N Delhi. Veda as Word is a most valuable collection of papers originally presented in the First National Seminar held at the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi. It is a publication that every serious student (and we are all students) of Sanskrit and Language generally should consult.
(Download the PDF file - 72kB)
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