Nicholas Kazanas’ lectures and interview in Chennai (Feb. 26, 2011 – Mar. 3, 2011)

I. The collapse of Aryan Invasion Theory and the prevalence of Indigenism.
Lecture delivered on 26 Feb. 2011 by Nicholas Kazanas at IIT, Madras (Video in three parts):

II. All inclusiveness of the Rigveda.
Lecture delivered by Nicholas Kazanas in Madras University, March 1, 2011 Consistent with the prevalence of indigenism in saptasindhu region, and preservation principle, Rigveda has remarkable features which make it the earliest human document with all inclusive linguistic features, some of which are paralleled in isoglosses and I-E linguistic area. (Video in 5 parts):

III. Vedic civilization.
Vedic scholar Nicholas Kazanas’ lecture in Chennai, DG Vaishnav College, February 28, 2011. (Video in 5 parts):

IV. Nicholas Kazanas, Vedic scholar interviewed by S. Kalyanaraman
In Chennai on 1 March 2011. In Chennai on 1 March 2011, the interview covered a wide range of issues related to vedic civilization, sprachbund (language union or linguistic area), indian ocean community and vedic studies. (Video in 2 parts):